Dr Carbon Cleaning is an official outlet for a range of tunit packages to suit petrol, diesel, and commercial vehicles.


The Tunit petrol and diesel products are all design to improve performance above original specification within your vehicles manufacturers safety limits. Installation is made to be simple and all products are transferable to you next vehicle.

Tunit introduced its first product in 1998 and since has developed continually. Tunit have supplied individuals, governments, armed forces and commercial sectors to improve drive, performance and economy even further. All Tunit products are a safer and more effective method of tuning as opposed to mapping or chipping.

Tunit in 2017 covers over 9000 vehicles worldwide through its dealers network. If you cannot see your vehicle then please ask and we will endeavor to meet your needs quickly.

To see what power improvement and fuel savings your vehicle will achieve, please call any of our advisors or visit and choose your vehicle. UK users can search by their vehicle registrations


The Tunit works by careful and safe modification of signals sent from the engines own control computer to the engine. Acceleration, air, fuel and load readings are used to accuratly calculate improve signals. These are deliver to the engine with digital precision and speed. The result is a smoother power and torque gain delivered throught the entire RPM range with the particular to lower down gains affecting acceleration and take off. The Tunit produces progressive gains without sudden surges or dropping off power. The turbo or other mechanical parts are not directly altered, so there is no strain on this or other engine components. Original ECU programs are not removed or altered leaving the car as original as possible.


An independent university study found the Tunit cut exhaust emissions by 27% compared to comparative products, which in some cases doubled emissions. Continual surveys of over 9000 Tunit customers show average fuel savings of 12%. This means that you will spend less money at the pumps and reduce your carbon footprint. Let us help save the planet for tomorrow’s generation.


The latest Tunit Advantage offers RED BOARD technology providing safer and smoother performance to the most modern injection systems. As well as being highly proven in domestic uses it has been used by government bodies commercially to save fuel costs by 12% and emissions by 27%.

It is fully adjustable via 9 settings from eco to high performance.

It has life time part exchange and 2 year engine warranty as standard. Its fuel and emission savings have been verified by independent sources.


Self or dealer fit through our worldwide network. The Tunit Advantage can be installed in as little as 20 minutes through an original plug in the engine bay. Performance improvements are often seen straight away, as are fuel gains. Call into a dealer for a “Try Before You BUY”.


The Tunit Optimum Plus is the simplest and most effective method available to upgrade your petrol performance. Instantly plugged in and programmed from the phone App you then have the ability to choose between 4 performance settings to suit your mood or purpose.

Download a demo of the App from iTunes or GooglePlay.

The Optimum Plus has the advantage that it can be moved onto an endless amount of vehicles. Simply unplug then plug into a friend or family vehicle for them to try. Plug back into your own and re-choose the file for your car.


Installation is via a plug located beneath your dash. The Tunit Optimum can be installed in several minutes. Performance gains are felt immediately and due to a learning program improve again after 100 miles. Call into a dealer for a “Try Before You BUY”.


The Power Pedal controls the delivery of the existing performance you have. It can be used alone or with any other tuning product.

The Power Pedal has 12 settings ECO to SPORT PLUS.

The dash mounted control gives ease to alter the performance to suit you. It has a dual processor providing safety and is the only product that can be moved to any future application.


Installation is through a plug near your accelerator pedal. The Power Pedal is often installed in minutes and the gains are immediate. It is fully compatible with any other modification you may have. Call into a dealer for a “Try Before You BUY”.


Tunit have led the way with quality assurance providing up to a 5 year product warranty on products and a maximum of 2 year engine drive line warranties on vehicles for peace of mind.


Tunit Value customer retention and all our base products provide a 3 year part exchange. Our premium products Advantage and Optimum Plus offer “Tunit for Life” which is a part exchange for any time in the future. You will never pay full price to tune any of your future vehicles ever again with our premium products. All products offer an option of update an reprogramming as an alternative to a full part exchange.


Tunit has a network of dealers worldwide to install and support you locally once you have a Tunit. They provide helpful advice as well as a “Try before you BUY” and part exchange facilities. All installations use a test drive to assure satisfaction.


Payment options often allow your fuel savings to cover the cost of Tunit as you go.


From 8.50 GBP PER MONTH.

Tunit offers credit terms upto 5 years on any product.



Tunit offers 18 and 36 months contracts on any product.
Payments from as little as 11 GBP per month.

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