EGR Valve Cleaning Service

EGR cleaning with Dr Carbon Cleanings mobile services

EGR valve cleaning is included in our carbon cleaning.

Car carbon cleaning starts from £80.

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Benefits of regular EGR value cleaning:

  • Improved MPG
  • Preventing major engine component failures
  • Saves the cost of replacing the valve (between £300 - £1500 + labour)
  • Helps pass MOT emissions test

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve is one of the most important parts of a car's engine. It helps reduce the amount of pollution your car releases into the atmosphere by recirculating gases back into the combustion chamber. As air quality and pollution levels become more important, the EGR valve is helping keep modern vehicles eco-friendly.

Understanding how an EGR value works and making sure it is kept in good condition is essential to your engine running smoothly. That’s why EGR Cleaning is vital!

What is EGR Cleaning?

EGR cleaning removes the carbon that’s built up from the gas recirculation. The carbon build-up can lock the EGR valve open or closed, preventing those gases from reaching the combustion chambers. At Dr Carbon Cleaning, we use a two-step cleaning process for EGR valves. Hydrogen is what we use in a standard procedure if the EML becomes intermittent. Alternatively, we use a fluid flush solution that is applied directly through the throttle body. A process which cleans thoroughly reducing carbon and restores the function of the EGR.

Signs you may have a blocked EGR valve:

  • Loss of engine power and performance
  • Decreases in MPG
  • Engine Management Light is on
  • Black emissions from the exhaust
  • Failed MOT on emissions
  • Vehicle runs at lower speeds
  • Loss of traction

How long does it take to clean EGR?

Cleaning an EGR value takes between 45-60 minutes if the valve is just dirty and clogged up. It can take longer if the valve is stuck open or a more thorough clean is needed – such as a full engine carbon clean.

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