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Mobile DPF Cleaning for West Midlands

Has your DPF warning light come on your dashboard?

Experiencing poor fuel economy?

Sudden loss of power in your vehicle?

Your DPF filter may be blocked and needs cleaning.

Try this before calling us

DPF warning light is on, and you still have power in your vehicle? Drive for 30 to 50 minutes for a consistent speed on an A-road or a motorway. This may regenerate your DPF filter manually. If the warning light is still on after this ride, give us a call. You’ll need a DPF filter clean.

You can continue to drive with a DPF light on. But, as the soot continues to build, your vehicle can lose power. At this point, you’ll be risking your own life as well as others. This is when we'll come to you for a DPF clean.

What is DPF cleaning?

A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a filtration system that collects soot and emissions as the vehicle goes on its various journeys. The filter cleans itself by burning the soot when your exhaust reaches 500 degrees centigrade. If you regularly drive at sustained speed on an A-road or motorway for 30 to 50 minutes, you’ll reach this temperature and your DPF filter will regenerate.

If you only drive around the city, your vehicle may not drive enough to reach those temperatures. When regeneration fails, the soot builds up and blocks your filter.

A blocked DPF filter can be cleaned through forced regeneration.

That’s where we come in.

Instead of changing your DPF (which sometimes costs more than your car!), we clean your DPF in two stages:

  1. Burn the soot with a specially formulated regeneration solution
  2. Remove all contamination in your DPF with a flush

We also recommend changing your DPF pressure sensor.

Is DPF cleaning worth it?

DPF cleaning is worth it if you want:

  • More miles per gallon
  • Fewer regenerations needed
  • Cheaper maintenance costs

If you don’t clean your DPF, expect to:

  • Pay £800 - £1500 every time the system breaks
  • Spend more on fuel
  • Fail your MOT
  • Lose power in your car

A blocked DPF damages your engine.

It prevents the normal ventilation of gases and increases the pressure within your engine and exhaust system. If you leave the blocked DPF system for too long, your engine may not even start. Unblocking your DPF reduces your risk of replacing your engine or being forced to buy a new car.

How often should you get your DPF cleaned?

DPFs should be cleaned every 100,000 miles, especially if used for commercial use. Some manufacturers recommend cleaning every 6 months whilst some models can go longer. It depends on the vehicle and model type.

How much does it cost to clean a DPF filter?

The average cost to clean a DPF filter in the UK is £195.50.

We charge £149 for a straightforward clean. Your quote may increase if the DPF filter is blocked and needs extra work.

Speak to us directly to get a quote. We’re happy to offer advice on all your engine cleaning needs.

Call us on 07846 053804.

Signs your DPF is blocked

  • DPF or engine warning light come on your dashboard
  • Sudden loss of power in your engine
  • You've tried passive and active regeneration, but still no luck
  • Poor fuel economy not related to sudden price rise
  • Excessive smoke from your exhaust
  • Stop-Start system not working
  • Failed MOT on emissions
Don't leave it until the last minute to treat these symptoms. Save money by booking a DPF clean today.

Removing a DPF Filter is not an option

Cutting a DPF from an engine and then reprogramming engine management software is illegal. Some people suggest it to save costs, but it is classed as an offence under The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1996. Your insurance becomes invalid and if it's found missing during an MOT, the vehicle will be failed.

The repair costs you save in the short term can end up in £1000 fine for car drivers and £2500 for van drivers when caught.

You can avoid the expense of replacing a DPF filter by cleaning it regularly. Our cleaning starts from £149.

  • Ryan O'Connell
    Phoned Dez at 9am for a dpf clean, was with me at 10.30am. Gave the car a clean out, took it for a spin and a couple of static regenerations. Completely cleared out the dpf, cars performance is back and emission readings are back down to 0. Polite and honest fella, gave me advice on what to do in the future, will be using again in the future and recommending to friends and family. Good job, very happy
  • Ehtesham Khan
    Fantastic service came out after dark because I can’t do otherwise. Really explained the process well so you know what your paying for. On the first drive my car was running a lot smoother, it was on lower revs for the same speeds, drank less fuel and the turbo didn’t feel sluggish like before the clean. Will give an update sometime in the future.
  • Chris Rowley
    This man is a legend! I had a stupidly sluggish Lexus IS220D that had began to border on dangerous when pulling off. Dez turned up on time, ran the machine through the car and within an hour it's like driving a new car. He's really polite and provided an excellent service and I'd happily recommend him to anyone looking to improve their car's performance!
  • Marie Bateman
    What a top bloke. Dez and diesel the adorable bulldog turned up and did a complete engine clean, after the process I took the car (Audi a6) out for a spin, it pulled like a new car not a 12-year-old motor with 210,000 miles on the clock. . It sounds smoother and the knocking and jerking that I was experiencing while at high revs is no more. I highly recommend this bloke's services. Well chuffed!!!

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